Recently, I had itching in my eyes for about 6days. So, I started to the hospital to have my eyes checked only to be shocked by my optometrist. . . I was diagnosed of having advanced glaucoma. How’s that possible. I’m so scared.

Healthsolve  Help please!

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It’s so unfortunate to hear that Katherine. I sympathize with you.

You bet. Well, treatment for glaucoma, first off, I think this is a very important point.

Glaucoma is often called the “silent thief of sight” because people will not notice symptoms until the glaucoma is moderate or advanced. The definition of early glaucoma is based on the fact that you do not even need to have problems with your peripheral (side) vision, but is rather determined by your eye doctor’s observation of the appearance of your optic nerve.

Therefore, even though you will not have symptoms in early glaucoma, if untreated, vision will slowly deteriorate.

Another reason that patients do not notice changes in their vision, is that one eye can compensate for any defects in the other eye’s peripheral vision.

Sadly, it is possible that people can have advanced peripheral vision loss without realizing it. Furthermore, it is known that the later the disease is diagnosed and treated, the worse the long-term outcome. This observation has been borne out in numerous clinical studies and emphasizes the importance of identifying and treating glaucoma early.

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